Elon Musk has offered $44B for Twitter, again

The news that Musk is offering to move forward with a $44 billion acquisition was first reported by Bloomberg.

Securities and Exchange Commission filings now show that Musk made the offer in a letter to the tech giant on Monday.

The New York Stock Exchange temporarily halted trading of Twitter stock twice on Tuesday. The first is due to a large price move and the second is due to a news event.

The offer price per share for this latest offer remains the same as the original offer, but it's unclear if Musk made other changes to the terms or if Twitter rejected it.

The stock closed at $52.00 per share on Tuesday, indicating market uncertainty around the $54.20 bid.

Twitter filed a lawsuit after Musk notified Twitter of his plans to terminate the original contract in July. A trial was scheduled for his October 17 in a Delaware state court.

A new acquisition offer has once again raised the question of whether Musk can move Twitter from San Francisco to central Texas.

Twitter accused Musk of suffering from buyer remorse. Telsa's stock fell after the Twitter news broke, recovering to a closing price of $249.44.

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