Trump’s attempts to delay Mar-a-Lago inquiry largely fail 

This week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a key portion of a federal judge's order barring the federal court from using the documents in its investigation

Trump's attorneys also ruled out due to possible confidentiality concerns. , ruled that it did not verify the document.

According to the search warrant affidavit, the Justice Department is investigating at least three possible criminal law violations.

Includes espionage laws on defense intelligence, obstruction of justice, and general removal of government documents.

President Trump effectively secured a two-and-a-half-week moratorium on criminal investigations from Secretary Cannon's order to the department on Labor Day until Wednesday's appeals court ruling.

The Justice Department is barred from using 100 documents marked confidential that are key evidence of potential espionage law violations and incompetence, said a former U.S. attorney.

Still, the temporary delay demonstrates the ambitions of Trump's legal team and its ability to generate small procedural gains that it hopes will become cumulatively significant.

Without a loss before the 11th Circuit, Trump might have hoped to delay criminal investigations beyond December.