Why Do Dogs Eat Sticks?

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Have you ever wondered why do dogs eat sticks? It turns out, there are many reasons why they might do it.

Some dogs eat sticks because they’re bored, while others may be trying to tell you that something’s wrong with them.

Some dogs just enjoy the taste of certain types of wood. Still others might be eating them to remove foreign objects from their stomachs. 

If your dog has been consuming sticks for an extended period of time, they could have a compulsive disorder or they could be having trouble digesting their food properly and need to see a vet.

Here, we’ll explore some common reasons why your dog might be eating sticks and what you can do about it.

Why do dogs eat sticks?

There are many reasons why a dog might be getting into the habit of eating sticks. First, it may not be a new habit but it’s still a worrisome issue, especially if your dog is just going through a phase of chewing them.

Sometimes dogs eat sticks in an attempt to divert attention away from what they’re really trying to do.

Others might eat them in a certain way as a form of self-medication, because they’re bored or uncomfortable.

And some may be doing it in order to relieve themselves of foreign objects.

After careful study of the issue, researchers have found that dogs may be eating sticks for a variety of reasons. Below are some of the most common:Food Allergies

Some dogs have food allergies, so they might chew on sticks in an attempt to relieve themselves of a food allergy.

Common reasons why your dog might be eating sticks

A compulsive eating disorder may be the cause for your dog chewing and swallowing sticks. A compulsive eating disorder may be the cause for your dog chewing and swallowing sticks.

There are many reasons why your dog might be chewing sticks. If you’re concerned that your pet is actually trying to tell you something, then we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons your dog might be chewing on sticks to discuss.

1. They like the taste of sticks

Some dogs may be chewing sticks simply because they like the taste of the wood or think that it might be something tasty. Other dogs may be eating sticks because they’re bored or just think the wood tastes good.

2. They have a compulsive disorder

Some dogs may chew on sticks because they have a compulsive disorder.

Is it OK for my dog to eat sticks?

It’s usually not a problem for dogs to eat sticks. However, if your dog is regularly consuming large amounts of them, this could be a problem.A history of eating sticks

It may be difficult to tell why your dog eats sticks, especially if they’ve never done it before. If your dog is eating sticks regularly, though, it’s likely they’ve had some kind of history with it.

Some dogs may pick up sticks from the ground while others may have a favorite owner who provides them with lots of loose or unused sticks. Some dogs may also have been « rewarded » by their owner for eating sticks before.

Should I worry if my dog eats sticks?

For most dogs, the habit is relatively harmless. But if your dog is obese, has dental disease, is older than 6 months old or if they are showing other signs of health issues, it could be a sign of a medical condition.

If your dog is lethargic, vomiting or not urinating often, or they lose interest in normal food or are vomiting a lot or have other gastrointestinal issues, you should bring them to the vet.

Before you bring your dog in, make sure that they have not consumed anything else unusual, such as nails, screws or batteries.

When you bring them in, you can get blood tests done to rule out certain conditions.

If you are able to get a urine sample, it is important to make sure it is not yellow. If you can’t get a sample, you can also get an X-ray of their abdomen to look for ulcers.

How do I get my dog to stop eating sticks?

If your dog has been eating sticks for a while and it’s starting to become a problem, the only way to get them to stop eating sticks is to make sure they’re not doing it on purpose.

If they’re just randomly eating sticks, try using different tactics to divert their attention away from it.

Get rid of the sticks in the house. Remove the temptation from the room where you normally put them, and either replace them with some novel foods, or just cut out the chewing altogether.

Buy them a squeaky toy to play with. Offer it to them throughout the day, in addition to their regular food and water.

Make sure they’re physically active. This will help them burn off excess energy, which will also help to keep them distracted.

Make sure they have plenty of fresh water.


Sticks might be the latest pet health craze, but they’re certainly not your dog’s favorite snack. If you notice your dog becoming obsessive about sticks, you might want to let them know that it’s unacceptable behavior.

Additionally, you should keep an eye on their chewing and make sure that it doesn’t increase in frequency or intensity. Your dog might need professional help if their habit becomes severe or even destructive.

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