Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Bath?

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Have you ever wondered why do dogs go crazy after a bath? It’s not just because they don’t like being wet or getting their hair wet. As it turns out, the feeling of being bathed is what makes them so crazy. 

Though there are many possible reasons for this behavior, one theory is that the dog is overcompensating because his body temperature has changed. This sudden change in temperature can cause them to feel hot or cold unexpectedly. 

A little prep work before bath time will help avoid any unwanted surprises. Make sure you have everything you need for a successful wash: shampoo, conditioner, towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and treats. 

Here are the most common reasons why dogs go crazy after a bath

Why do dogs go crazy after a bath?

Soaking wet

The first reason is that your dog is uncomfortable. Most dogs enjoy soaking in the tub and prefer to take a bath in a temperature-controlled environment.

If your dog has been outside, he is probably wet and shivering. Add to that the stress of having his fur-trimmed, and he is likely pretty uncomfortable.

Loud noises

Lots of dogs are sensitive to loud noises. Whether it is a lawnmower, truck, motorcycle, or firecrackers, it can affect their well-being.

They are just plain scared of it. The noise can cause them to run and hide or become frantic, pacing back and forth.


Dogs have a limited amount of heat their bodies can produce, and even if they are just wet from a bath, they might still feel cold. This is when they may go crazy.

The most common reasons why dogs go crazy after a bath

  1. When the warm water hits the dog’s skin, they experience the sensation of being cold.
  2. The sudden change in temperature is like being shocked. They don’t know how to react.
  3. The dryer’s vibration can get them agitated.
  4. Dogs have sensitive skin and while you are taking a bath, they could feel small scratches or dry patches.
  5. You have to clean their eyes and ears after a bath, and they are sensitive to anything that comes into contact with them.

How to Prepare for the Bath?

Before bathing your dog, you need to know their body temperature. Before you do anything else, make sure you bring their coat and skin temperature down.

This can be done by exposing your dog to cold water for 30 seconds or less before starting the bath. Make sure you let him out of the bathroom slowly so he can calm down.

He may be jumping on the bed, but the bath won’t begin until he’s calmer. If you are giving your dog a bath at the house, leave the water running while you’re in the bathroom.

Don’t give him a bath until he is calm and you don’t want to accidentally spray him with the water.

Dogs can experience what’s called “alarm fatigue.” This is an easy mistake to make. Dogs can mistakenly associate the sound of the shower or the sound of running water with the need to be present.

How can I calm my dog down after a bath?

The best way to avoid this issue is to stop the bath and dry him off. Use a towel and help him stand up so he can shake all of the water from his fur.

After you’ve bathed him, help him shake off the excess water and dry him with a towel.

Make sure that you don’t put the towel too far back on him. If you do, he could accidentally bite himself with it.

Make sure that he has plenty of fresh air circulating around his body when he’s trying to dry off so he doesn’t overheat.


At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your dog. You are the one in charge of how you communicate with your dog and keep him happy.

With a little planning and a little preparation, you and your dog can have a wonderful time during bath time and end the day happy, healthy, and entertained!

Happy bath time!

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