Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears?

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Why do dogs lick each other’s ears? Dogs lick each others ears for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are to show affection, bond, and share their scent with the other dog. Another reason is to check for ticks. 

In some cases, dogs will even lick each other’s ears when they’re fighting. In this case, they may be trying to assert dominance over the other dog. 

Dogs can also use licking as a way of marking territory or apologizing to another dog after a fight. It’s a sign that they want to keep the peace in order to avoid conflict.

Dogs will also lick each other’s ears when eating from the same bowl or dish. 

Dogs don’t just lick each other for fun. Dogs lick each other to show affection, to keep the social hierarchy intact, and to promote bonding.

Here are some more reasons why dogs might be licking each other’s ears. 

Why do dogs lick each other’s ears?

Dogs are highly social creatures. They need to be able to form bonds and communicate with their owners. They do this through grooming, scent marking and licking.

Dogs use social grooming when they want to bond with their owners. They lick each other to show their owners that they are happy. This type of grooming helps bond and bondings help dogs bond to each other.

Dogs also lick each other’s ears to show their affection, especially to puppies or young dogs.

Young dogs that haven’t been properly socialized with humans often don’t like being touched. It’s this fear of touch that causes them to avoid it or be extremely fussy with grooming.

A dog’s instinct is to learn through smell, touch and hearing. Licking is a form of bonding.

What does it mean when a dog licks another dog’s ears?

When a dog licks another dog’s ears, it’s usually a sign of affection. But it can also indicate a skin problem, an infection, and/or parasites.

If you notice a dog licking another dog’s ears, it’s important to ask your veterinarian about the health of the other dog.

In some cases, a dog that’s licking another dog’s ears could also be testing you. It’s possible that the dog is trying to determine whether or not you will react in a positive or negative way. If the behavior continues, your dog might just be a little crazy!

Can dogs help other dogs to become less nervous?

If you have a dog who is really nervous around other dogs, you can teach it to « tickle » the other dog to calm down.

Is it okay for dogs to lick each other’s ears?

Sometimes it’s okay to lick another dog’s ear. Usually, though, you should avoid making it an obsessive habit.

Dogs may be licking each other for a variety of reasons, so you’ll have to check in with your pet if you feel that they’re suddenly licking each other’s ears more than usual.

So it may be okay to lick another dog’s ears if:

  1. They’re showing signs of anxiety
  2. The animal is in a new environment
  3. They’re not accustomed to being around other dogs
  4. It’s a sign of affection

It’s probably not okay to lick another dog’s ears if:

  1. It’s a sign of aggression or fear
  2. They’re fighting
  3. You’re afraid that they might be infected with disease

You might even want to discuss your concerns with your dog’s vet.

Can you train a dog to stop licking another dog’s ears?

When you notice your dog licking another dog’s ears, it can be an unpleasant thing to observe. However, if you’re aware of the reasons why your dog might be doing this, you can try to solve the problem by training him or her to stop.

There are a few different ways that you can do this, but one way that can be effective is to be sure to reward your dog when he or she licks the ear of a friend.


Why do dogs lick each other’s ears? It’s usually to help bond with their owner. Many dogs lick each other’s ears out of affection, marking each other as “one of the pack” and giving the owner a chance to bond.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a dog is bonding with you, you can always do a head scratch. If the dog does it back, the bond is still strong and he’s pleased to see you.

However, if he doesn’t go along with you, it can be a sign that he’s not ready to bond with you yet.

If your dog always kisses the back of your hand, he’s showing that he likes being near you. A lick is an expression of affection.

If he has a tendency to lick the base of your hand, he may be trying to tell you something.  You may notice that he’s licking the top of your hand too.

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