Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking His Head? Why Is This Happening And What Can I Do?

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Why does my dog keep shaking his head? If you notice your dog keeps shaking his head often, it’s important to consider the underlying causes.

Although many people assume that dogs shake their heads because they have an ear infection, this is actually a rare cause of the issue.

In most cases, shaking the head is a sign of neurological problems.

Other possible causes include humans being too loud, an injury to the neck or spine, and a foreign body inside of the ear canal.

If you suspect that your dog has a problem with his head, consult your veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

However. Your dog might Keep shaking his head for varied reasons. It could be because he is scared of something in the environment.

Sometimes it’s because he’s too hot or doesn’t like people touching him. Here are some ways to help your dog stop shaking his head!

Why does my dog keep shaking his head?

The cause of your dog’s head shaking is not usually known. However, there are some causes that are more common than others.

Ear Infection

The most common reason your dog is shaking his head is that he has an ear infection. (And this can occur in both dogs and cats.) Your dog might be shoving his ears up to the surface, causing them to be really dry.

In fact, by the time your dog starts showing signs of discomfort, it’s often too late to prevent a bacterial infection.


While your dog may shake his head if he’s startled or scared, it could also be a sign of a more serious neurological problem. Common causes include pressure in the sinuses or brain, hearing loss, or seizures.

Blocked nose

Other common symptoms of a blocked nose include coughing, sneezing, increased licking or crying, and excessive wetness from watering eyes.

Sometimes a combination of these symptoms will indicate an underlying problem, such as an ear infection or a rare neurological disorder.

Contact your veterinarian right away if your dog starts showing any of these signs of illness.

What are the possible causes of your dog shaking his head?

1. He is too hot. Dogs shake their heads when their ears are too hot or uncomfortable, sometimes when they are just standing around, sometimes when they are going for a walk, and sometimes during exercise.

If your dog is sweating profusely or breathing heavily, he is more likely to shake his head.

You can try to comfort your dog by keeping him in a cool area or by covering his ears with a cloth or towel

Alternatively, you can use a cool compress on his head to help relieve his pain.

2. He’s afraid of the situation or people around him. A dog might shake his head when he’s afraid of something in the environment.

You could be scaring your dog, or the other people in his surroundings could be scaring him. Just make sure to be calm and stay calm yourself.

How do I stop my dog from shaking his head?

Resist the urge to console your dog when he shakes his head. Comforting your dog will only aggravate his symptoms.

Instead, think of ways to distract your dog, because frequent shaking is likely a sign of a behavioral problem.

You can take your dog for a walk, teach him a new game or game of tug, or give him a favorite treat.

For a different way to distract your dog, you could say a simple word (e.g., « shush ») to help him focus on your voice and stop shaking his head.


While shaking your dog’s head may be annoying, it’s likely due to a neurological issue.

Be sure to discuss your dog’s symptoms with your veterinarian. If you’re unable to establish a cause, you may want to try these over-the-counter remedies, too!

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