Why Does My Dog Lick The Carpet?

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Why does my dog lick the carpet ? If you’ve ever wondered why your dog licks the carpet and what to do about it, then this article is for you.

Dogs lick for a variety of reasons including anxiety, boredom, and hunger. It’s difficult to say exactly what’s causing your dog to lick the carpet because dogs lick for different reasons.

However, licking the carpet won’t hurt them and can be difficult to stop without knowing the cause. Here are some ways you can help stop your dog from licking the carpet.

Why does my dog lick the carpet?

Dogs lick the carpet for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to get a taste of what they’ve just walked on. This way, if there are any dangers, they can identify them.

Other reasons can be so that they know where they’ve been and to mark their territory with a scent from their sweat glands in their tongue. 

You may also see your dog licking the carpet because they have anxiety about something – such as being left alone – or because they have a medical problem that causes them pain when doing other things like laying down or scratching an itch.

What is causing your dog to lick the carpet?

It’s difficult to know the exact reason why your dog is licking the carpet, but there are several reasons why your dog is likely licking it.

Pet ownership

Our pets may just need to sniff a bit of the environment to help them remember the layout of the house or park. This can mean they know where they need to go without a person saying « go to the bedroom. »


Dogs will lick the carpet because they aren’t getting the attention they require at that particular moment.

The basic need of animals is to be around people, so when you’re not home to pet them, they are less likely to self-soothe. Your dog needs attention or they will continue to get stressed.

What not to do when your dog licks their carpet?

Don’t punish your dog when they lick the carpet. This will make them more likely to lick the carpet in the future. Be careful about keeping them confined to one place when they are unsupervised for extended periods of time.

Don’t keep your dog in a « time out » place when they lick the carpet. This will also make them more likely to lick the carpet in the future.

Get rid of carpet cleaning companies in your area. If you feel they aren’t doing a good enough job, then why would you trust them with your pet when they know your dog does it and it bothers you?

The dogs licking the carpet will probably smell the cleaners and prefer licking the carpet.

Do not try to stop your dog from licking the carpet. This will only make your dog more likely to lick the carpet. Don’t punish them.

How to stop my dog from licking the carpet?

Once you know why your dog is licking the carpet and what you can do to stop the licking, it’ll be easier to do something about it.

The first thing you need to do is make a note of the area where your dog likes to lick the carpet.

A sample of the carpet from a living room that you plan on putting your dog in will help you see how the carpet is laid.

If the carpet is a single strand with little to no texture, then you’re probably not going to see much of a problem.

However, if you notice that the carpet is laid on a thick layer of carpet pad then you may want to consider an anti-licking product.


Dogs often lick the ground and the couch. This is a harmless habit that isn’t dangerous to them or the environment.

If your dog continues to lick the carpet or continues to do other damage, please contact a veterinarian. It’s better to prevent a problem from occurring than to have to treat it after it occurs.

These behaviors will have a lot to do with the dog’s temperament. Typically a dog who is chronically ill, sickly, old, scared, fearful, or aggressive will exhibit these behaviors.

It is possible to train your dog not to lick the carpet by first identifying the underlying cause. To figure out what’s causing the behavior and how to stop it.

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