Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? How to Get Them Out

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Why does my dog sleep under my bed? It may be because they are seeking refuge from the noise of your house. This can be attributed to anxiety or fear of being bothered.

To understand why your dog may be sleeping under your bed, you should first consider its natural instincts.

Dogs are pack animals and historically slept with their alpha family members to keep them safe at night. Today, many dogs still feel the need to be close to their humans when they sleep.

One way they can do this is by sleeping in a place where they know their human will eventually rest during the night.

But if this is not the case, there are some other reasons why your dog may be spending so much time under your bed.

They might be seeking solitude, for example. Or they might just like the cool air below the bed.

Regardless of why your pup sleeps under there, it’s important that you take precautions with their safety and comfort!

Here are some tips on how you might be able to help your dog sleep in a more appropriate location.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed?

With these issues in mind, here are some possible reasons why your dog might sleep underneath your bed:

Breed or Other Shape-Related Behavior

The older your dog is, the more likely he is to sleep on your bed. It’s been observed that dogs who are not built like canines but have more square-shaped frames, might sleep underneath the bed.

Older dogs typically just sleep with their paws at the edge of the mattress and as they grow old, tend to grow and shrink with their human partners.

Some dogs, therefore, sleep with their hind legs on the bed to keep their shape.

Dogs who are built like the human form, on the other hand, will usually choose the floor. This is due to the fact that these dogs have more broad-shouldered frames.

What are the reasons my dog might be sleeping under my bed?

A stressed dog sleeping under your bed is obviously not comfortable. Since they are not getting the safety of their feet on the ground, they must look for other ways to stay safe and warm. This is the reason your dog may sleep under your bed.

Staying close to their humans: It’s possible that your dog is seeking solitude when they sleep. It’s easy for them to want to be close to their owner when they sleep and they’re not aware that the surrounding environment could be too noisy.

You could even argue that it’s easier for them to sleep on the bed when they know you’re on the floor, or by the couch, or anywhere else in the house.

Once they realize that you’re not there, they might not feel secure enough to sleep under the bed without you.

In this case, they might be comfortable sleeping underneath your bed just like they would if they were on a dog bed in your home.

Noise in the house: If you notice that your dog is sleeping under your bed every night, there is a good chance that you have too much noise in the house.

How to get my dog out from under the bed?

Take a few minutes to think about your dog’s natural instincts and whether they make sense in terms of his personality.

You will likely be able to identify the reason behind his desire to spend time under your bed.

If you are willing to get up and watch your dog, you can learn how to help him get out quickly and safely.

First, you will need to consider the situation you’re in. As mentioned above, your dog may be searching for shelter during a time when he’s afraid to sleep alone.

If you are away, he may feel this is an appropriate time to sleep under the bed.

However, if you are home all night, there’s a good chance he will feel more comfortable if he sleeps close to you.

How to get my dog to stop sleeping under my bed?

Help your dog by creating a private sleeping area in another room so it can be away from the noise of your home.

Depending on how comfortable your dog is being around you and the noise of the night, you can put up a gate or pry off the bed to make it easier for your dog to sleep in a different place.

Perhaps the hardest thing about getting a dog out from under your bed is for you to let them know they have the option of being somewhere else.

Because they aren’t physically comfortable, it can be a struggle to get them to leave you alone! It can take a lot of reassurance and patience to get them to move on.


If your dog is sleeping under your bed, there are some things that you can do to make them feel more comfortable.

Make a room that is separate from your main sleeping area that is free of things that may stress the dog.

Cover any holes in the floor or wall with insulation. Let your dog choose where he or she sleeps.

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