Why Does My Jack Russell Follow Me Everywhere?

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The Jack Russel terrier is a great dog breed that has been around for about 200 years. They are known to have a lot of energy and be very loyal. They are also one of the most talked about dog breeds on the internet. But, what makes these dogs so special?

Many people wonder why does my Jack Russell follow me everywhere?.

Jack Russell never stops asking for more attention. In fact, they can sense when we’re distracted, and will use any opportunity to get some love from us.

You may not have seen them for a while or be going on a long car ride. Jack Russell enjoys our company and craves our touch, so they might pester us until we give in and pet them.

There are a variety of reasons as to why your dog might follow you around the house, but we can help you find out why!

We’ll give you some tips on how to stop this from happening as well as what could be the reason your dog is following you everywhere.

Why does my Jack Russel follow me everywhere?

1. They Want More Love

As stated in the article, the Jack Russell terrier is a very loving dog. They love being around people and love to get love from us.

2. They Are Learning

It is stated that when dogs are brought up in a home with owners, they are taught how to walk on a leash, be socialized, etc.

If you had a Jack Russell terrier and you take it outside in a kennel, the dog may learn that it can do these things on its own.

3. They Want To Be Part Of The Gang

What dog owner doesn’t want their dog to be part of a pack? If you go for a walk with your dog, you would like the dog to follow you and it might learn that the pack doesn’t include the Jack Russell terrier.

Common Reasons Your Jack Russell Will Follow You

There are a few potential reasons your dog might be following you around the house. Here are the most common ones:

They’re Caring – Your dog just wants to be by your side. They’ve seen how you interact with people so they are trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

They’re a Smart Dog – Your Jack Russell may be acting « like a dog » when they follow you around the house. They know what you want.

They Want to Play – Your dog could simply be playful and want to play with you. They may also be trying to catch you.

They’re Obsessed with You – Sometimes, your dog may just be obsessed with you and only want to be close to you.

What Benefits Does Following You Offer Your Jack Russell Terrier?

It Helps Us Feel Safe

One of the most common reasons for the dog to follow you is so that they feel safe. Being in a pack helps them feel safe and secure in the world.

When your dog is not in a pack, they will panic when you leave the room or when someone comes over.

There are times when they may try to leave the house or escape from their yard to feel more comfortable.

After they feel more secure, your dog will be much more obedient, even if they were disobedient before you started following them.

When you start following them, they will see the benefits of being loyal to you and will start following you to get attention and affection.

How do I stop my Jack Russell from following me everywhere?

The simple answer to this question is your dog does not mean harm. In fact, the last thing your dog wants is for you to get mad at him for following you around.

In fact, they are just looking for attention. So, try to make them happy as much as possible, even when you are tired or have to get ready for work.

You can start by avoiding getting upset when your dog follows you around. You should also give your dog some extra attention and love.

It can also help if you give your dog some treats, or a toy to play with. This is what you can do if your dog likes to be on the kitchen counter when you’re cooking. Make sure your dog isn’t crowding you while you’re cooking.


It is possible that you have a Jack Russell terrier in your home, and if so, you should be aware that they are adorable, but they can be very, very annoying.

They love you and you love them. Their need to be near you at all times can be really annoying when they are doing things like following you around the house.

We’ll recommend a few things that can help you control your dog’s behavior.

1. Observe your dog’s behavior and do not react to them. If you become aggressive or upset your dog, they will soon become fearful and run away.

2. Learn how to discipline your dog.

3. Always keep your dog on a leash, even when he is outside.

We’ll also recommend a few activities for your dog to enjoy to help distract it from following you around the house.

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